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Source: Magyar Hang

Rule of law and freedom of speech

13. We want a new and proportionate electoral law

The Fidesz electoral system severely distorts the representation of the will of the electorate and prevents the creation of a multi-party coalition capable of governance. We call for a new and proportionate electoral law. We must allow all Hungarian citizens living outside the country as ethnic minorities in neighbouring states, as guest workers in the West and as members of the diaspora in the wider world, to participate in the Hungarian elections under uniform rules. 


14. A prime minister should not be elected to serve for more than two cycles

With its parliamentary majority, Fidesz has gradually dismantled the institutions of the rule of law and multi-party democracy, replacing them with authoritarian rule. The time constraints on eligibility for office should guarantee that a single person cannot seize power by parliamentary means. According to the new Constitution which we propose, one person may only serve as prime minister for a maximum of two parliamentary cycles.

15. The president of the republic should be elected by direct vote

More and more countries elect their president directly. In exercising his constitutional powers, the president must comply with the demands of the voters, not the Parliament; when directly elected, the president will guarantee the observance of the sovereignty of the people. The president must defend national unity and abide by the constitutional norms when signing legislation submitted by the Parliament.


16. Municipalities must become bodies of civil self-government

Fidesz has undermined the municipalities, and measures taken during the pandemic could render local governance financially unworkable. The state must return primary education and primary health care to the municipalities. Municipalities must control local issues again to ensure the social network and the personal participation of the citizens.


17. Public media must be socially controlled

Fidesz has turned the public media into its own propaganda channels. The press monopoly, thriving on government advertising, uses its publications to influence and deceive public opinion. Social control must ensure a balanced functioning of the state media, independent of government. We want to eliminate the press monopoly and ensure real competition in the advertising media market at the same time.

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