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Source: Magyar Hang

Fair market economy with strong employee representation

8. Let us build a competitive, knowledge-based economy

Hungary’s future lies in the development of a knowledge-based economy, resilient to crises, relying on domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. Rural development goals should encourage healthy food production in agriculture. Hungarian and EU development funds must promote the development of a value-added economy in accordance with the rules of fair and transparent competition.


9. We want regular interest harmonisation procedures

While the government refuses to negotiate with employee representatives, it continually amends the Labour Code at the expense of the workers. We want a new Labour Code. Workers’ rights and the right to strike should be formulated with the participation of the employers’ and workers’ organisations. This code must guarantee the rights and financial independence of the Trade Unions.


10. The development of the disadvantaged regions is a common social interest

Instead of convergence to the EU average, entire regions in Hungary have been left without resources and are wasting away. The government has spent the EU funds allocated to rebuild these regions to advance the business interests of their clientele. A Regional Development Council with the participation of the government and the association of municipalities should be formed to ensure a new and more equitable distribution of funds for rehabilitation.


11. Hungary must join the European Public Prosecutor’s office

Legislation related to EU directives does not apply to public procurement in Hungary; the actual practice serves only to increasing the wealth of the clientele of the governing party. It is in the interest of the citizens not to leave any form of corruption unpunished, even if the perpetrators are part of the political elite or related to entrepreneurs. Hungary must join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.


12. Let us create a green Hungary

The Fidesz government fails to see the real scale and impact of global climate change. Hungary must join all international agreements on climate protection that serve the future of all humankind. The government must support the adoption of green technologies and the development of local production and consumer chains that reduce environmental impact and global dependence.

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