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Source: Népszava

A foreign policy focused on Euro-Atlantic values and the real interests of the nation

18. Hungary’s international relations must be based on Euro-Atlantic values

When Communism fell, our main goal was to converge and align with Western models and organisations. Most of our citizens believe that our safety is guaranteed by NATO, while our welfare is assured above all by our membership in the European Union. Hungary is interested in building and strengthening her existing alliances, instead of seeking adventures with suspicious and dangerous outside powers.


19. We must establish the conditions to adopt the Euro

At long last, Hungary as a sovereign state is not controlled by foreign powers. A substantial majority voted in a referendum to join the political and economic community of the EU. It is our fundamental interest to ensure the smooth operation of the EU and to solve its internal problems. We need all the benefits of integration. We must create the economic and social conditions for the adoption of the single European currency, the Euro.


20. We must stop financially unfeasible mega-investment projects

After 2010 and for no well-founded economic reason, the Orbán government entered into large-scale contracts with distant, foreign partners, guided by suspicious political motives. The costly expansion of the Paks nuclear power plant using Russian technology was a rash move; the Russian loan at high interest increased the country’s debt. Nor does Hungary need the new railway to Belgrade, built with an expensive Chinese loan.


21. Hungary must play its role in solving global problems

The Fidesz government and Viktor Orbán are trying to enhance their international position by opposing the majority and thus hindering constructive solutions in various organisations and forums. Hungary’s true interest is to play a constructive role in finding joint answers to global challenges, including international efforts to deal with climate change and migration.

Budapest, September 2020


Péter Balázs                                            Péter Ákos Bod

co-chair                                                    co-chair

with László Andor, Péter Bárándy, András Bozóki, Ákos Érsek, Péter Gábor,

Kinga Göncz, Attila Holoda, Éva Hegyesiné Orsós, Géza Jeszenszky, Tamás Mellár,

Zoltán Nagy, Erzsébet Pusztai, György Raskó, Tamás Székely

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